Nigeria: The Next Generation – The Report

Over the next 20 years, Nigeria will experience huge growth in the number of young adults in its society. If these young people are healthy, well educated, and find productive employment, they could boost the country’s economy and reinvigorate it culturally and politically. If not, they could be a force for instability and social unrest.

The Task Force has undertaken an extensive programme of research. We have completed a comprehensive and unique study of the threats and opportunities presented by Nigeria’s changing demography. We conducted two background studies and commissioned four new research studies, each of which explored different facets of the challenges facing Nigeria and generated the original insights that inform this report.

Finally, we conducted an online survey of 650 Nigerians and held a series of debates across Nigeria. The Task Force report is intended to catalyse a broader debate on Nigeria’s future – and especially the needs of its young people. The next generation is beginning to find its voice. If Nigeria can harness its ideas and energy, then its future will surely be bright.

Demography and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Presentation given by David Bloom and Salal Humair to the Committee on African Studies Harvard Africa Seminar, setting out the details and aims of the NextGenerationNigeria project.

Prospects for Economic Growth in Nigeria – a demographic perspective

Presentation to the Task Force by its co-chair, David Bloom. The presentation sets out salient facts describing Nigeria’s economy and population; explains the theory of the demographic dividend; and asks whether there is a demographic dividend in Nigeria’s future.

Nigeria: The Next Generation – Literature Review

Nigeria is poised to enter a period marked by both opportunities for growth and challenges to overcoming myriad barriers to development. Understanding basic indicators, demographic patterns, and the social and political milieu is Nigeria is critical to recommending effective and appropriate policy.

This background report and literature review provides source material for later phases of the Nigeria: The Next Generation project. It takes stock of existing academic publications, various media outputs, and reports produced by the Nigerian government and international agencies.

Please contact us if you know of relevant academic research or policy reports that we have not included in this review.

Nigeria, in its own words, Mark Weston

In July 2009, Mark Weston from the Task Force secretariat travelled around Nigeria to seek opinions of the country’s current and future leaders on how they think Nigeria should tackle its demographic challenges.

Mark visited Lagos, Kano and Abuja, and in over 50 interviews he met politicians, civil society activists, writers, artists, business people, teachers, academics and students.

This report summarises results from this consultation.

Nigeria: The Next Generation – Project Description

An outline of the Next Generation Nigeria Project.