Next Generation Nigeria: An Independent Task Force is exploring Nigeria’s future at a time of rapid demographic, social, and economic change.

Over the next twenty years, Nigeria will experience a huge growth in the number of young adults in its society. If these young people are healthy, well educated, and find productive employment, they could boost the country’s economy and reinvigorate it culturally and politically. If not, they could be a force for instability and social unrest.

By looking at the country’s development prospects through a demographic lens, the Task Force will draw up a plan of action for making the most of the next generation and enlisting their support for a more prosperous future.

Youth Voice

The Task Force has recently undertaken an extensive programme of research, the results of which can be found in our report here (text only or publication version 2MB). We have completed a comprehensive and unique study of the threats and opportunities presented by Nigeria’s changing demography. We conducted two background studies and commissioned four new research studies, each of which explored different facets of the challenges facing Nigeria and generated the original insights that inform this report. Images from the recent launch of the Task Force report can be seen here.

About us

The Task Force is chaired by Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Managing Director of the World Bank, and David Bloom, Clarence James Gamble Professor of Economics and Demography at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Task Force members are:

  • Alhaji Lamido Ado Bayero, the Chiroman [Crown Prince] Kano
  • Donald Duke, Governor of Cross River State, 1999-2007
  • Frank Nweke, Director General, Nigeria Economic Summit Group
  • Lord Triesman, Chairman of England’s Football Association
  • Pat Utomi, Director of The Centre For Applied Economics at Lagos Business School
  • Maryam Uwais, Principal Partner, Wali Uwais & co

The Task Force is backed up by an outstanding team of Nigerian and international academics, and a secretariat led by David Steven, from the Center on International Cooperation, and Salal Humair, from the Harvard School of Public Health. The British Council are represented by Ben Fisher, Director Programmes, Nigeria.

Full biographies of the Task Force, academic team, and secretariat can be read here.

This project owes gratitude to Peter Upton (former British Council Director Nigeria) and Lord Kinnock (former Chairman of the British Council) for their work in the conception and creation of the project.

Our work

You can download and read our initial research:

  • Prospects for Economic Growth in Nigeria – presentation to the Task Force
  • Nigeria: The Next Generation – a literature review
  • Nigeria, in its own words – a consultation with current and future leaders

We will soon publish research papers exploring Nigeria’s demographic, economic and social challenges. More details of our publications can be found here.

How you can get involved

Please contact us using the contact form here